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THE SAEM – Healing tea garden ‘green tea’ cleansing water review

So my job required me to wear such a heavy make up sometimes and after i get home, i always too tired to even move my legs to wash my face. I’m a very lazy person hahaha and i find cleaning face with two steps is burdensome. But facial foam is not enough to remove such a heavy make up, you know we apply so many layers of foundation, the powders, eyeshadow, lipstick, and the hardest thing to remove is glue from fake eyelashes (not forget to mention fade eyeliner on my under eyes).

I tempted to buy an expensive cleansing water recommended by beauty vlogger, BUT then i found this product

THE SAEM – Healing tea garden ‘green tea’ cleansing water

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The story begin when Ji Ho was waiting for her boyfriend, Tae Woong in the skating park. But her boyfriend couldn’t make it becoz he was died in an accident.
To forget about Tae Woong, Ji Ho go to study abroad to Japan.
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How i jumped into Thailand

Many interesting things from a country that might attract foreigners. For me, some countries may attracted me from their entertainment industry or their culture. From Thailand, what attract me for the first time is a movie. Maybe becoz i’m a visual person.

My first thailand movie maybe 4Bia or is it Bangkok Traffic Love story ? i can’t remember haha, but movie that moved me is crazy little thing called love , the story maybe cliche, but at the time, when i was head over heels for Lee Taemin, this guy distract me. A guy who has attractive eyebrows and gentle smile named Mario Maurer.
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Diary of Tootsies ep 5

this episode begin when Kim and Golf took a taxi. He paid the driver but his driver didnt have the change (i dont think he wants to give the change tho hahaha)
Kim said its ok to give him 5bath, but the driver said he doesnt have it. so kim told him to round the building worth his change.
Glf complain coz they need to walk far. but Kim told him that its not about money.. yeah, i know what it feels
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my very first time cooking

you dont know how lazy i am this week,, i just feel i’m not doing anything
i ride my bike on last saturday and i cant feel my legs on the next day, it makes me want to stay at home on sunday..
and this is one account on instagram who always post delicious meals from thailand (i’ve been hooked in to thailand these days).
one post catch my eyes,, its just crispy chicken,, it looks simple, and i dont know what happened to my brain, i decided to make this crispy chicken

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